Buy Shares

Our success has come about by the generous number of applications for shares which allowed us to refurbish the Royal Oak to a high standard prior to opening in August 2019.

The Share Issue is still open should you wish to become a shareholder in our lovely community pub and become part of our growing family.  Your purchase will enable us to continue to offer a first class pub, restaurant, garden and hub to the community of Collingham.

You can download an Application Form or speak with George on your next visit to the Pub. 


Shares are sold at £50 per share with a minimum purchase of 5 shares.

Each Shareholder will have ONE vote.

The Supplemental Share Offer will consist of 2000 shares.

Interest of 3% per annum may be paid on Share Capital subject to the decision of the Management Committee.

Under HMRC regulations, aimed at increasing investment in small companies, this investment would attract 30% Tax Relief under the HMRC Entreprise Investment Scheme (subject to HMRC qualifying rules).  The more shares you buy the larger the potential tax relief. This applies to all UK Tax Payers, subject to the terms and conditions of HMRC.  Further guidance can be obtained HERE.

Your investment will be IHT and CGT Free after 2 years.  Any dividends are tax free and, in the event of failure, your investment is treated as a Capita Loss for CGT purposes.  This generous support by the government to investors in small start-up businesses recognises the risk involved.

The Management Committee reserve the right to reject, amend or allocate any application for shares.

You should be aware that the money you invest will be at risk. If you have any doubts you should seek independent financial advice.

All share transactions are subject to the rules adopted by the society (Collingham Community Pub Limited – a community benefit society).