Glorious Twelfth

It’s almost here! The day we can re-open after the current lock-down is fast approaching and we want you to know that we have everything in place to ensure that you, and our staff, can once again safely enjoy time at the pub.

To help us we need you to…
1) Wear a mask when you arrive at the pub, while we show you to a table and when moving around the pub (for example when you leave or go to the toilet). You can remove your mask whilst seated at your table.
2) When you arrive at the pub we need to take your name and contact details. You can provide this to us via the Government QR code scan, a text message to a number we will have displayed or you complete a card in writing. We promise, that is a complicated as it will get! We’ll then show you to a table.
3) Much as we all would like to stand or sit at the bar, this isn’t possible at this time. After being shown to a table you will need to stay seated at the table for the duration of your visit, except for a trip to the toilet of course!
4) If (When!) you need to go to the toilet, follow the route we have marked out for you. It’s a one way system with a different route to the toilet to the one you’ll follow to come back. As before only one person can access the toilet at a time.
5) After using the toilet wash your hands thoroughly using the facilities provided. We’ll be providing additional toilet cleaning checks throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be available at various points in the garden and on route to the toilet. Please feel free to use it at any time.
6) Finally please respect our staff and other guests. We know you well enough that we’re sure this doesn’t need repeating but this first period of reopening is new to us all, things have changed since last time. We, you and others will make mistakes. Be nice, lets pull together to make this work. Be a coach not a critic.